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21 Mar 12

Finding Early Signs of Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos is an extremely hazardous substance, which can demonstrate no signs of exposure for long periods. Most of the time mesothelioma patients will not experience any ill effect for up to 40 years. Because of its long latency period, finding early warning signs of asbestos exposure can be very difficult.

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14 Mar 12

Workplace Asbestos Exposure – How to Avoid it?

The only universally identified cause of mesothelioma cancer is asbestos exposure. Most people that have been exposed to asbestos encountered it at the workplace, which brings up the question of how to avoid exposure to the substance in the workplace.

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7 Mar 12

Mesothelioma in Younger Patients

Asbestos exposure causes mesothelioma cancer. Up until the 1970’s, a tremendous amount of asbestos related products were used in construction, and thousands of workers and their families were exposed to asbestos. Those who were exposed to asbestos and had discovered that they had mesothelioma mostly comprised of senior citizens; however, an increasing number of younger patients are now getting diagnosed.

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29 Feb 12

How to Explain Mesothelioma to Kids

Receiving a mesothelioma diagnosis is one of the most devastating news that anyone can receive. While most adults have the capacity to understand the diagnosis, it is very difficult to explain this situation to small children. Children don’t really understand mesothelioma or understand the dangers of asbestos. They may not know how to properly process the information and control their emotions. Here is how you can explain mesothelioma to kids.

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23 Feb 12

Pericardial Mesothelioma FAQs

Pericardial mesothelioma is a disease which consists of deadly, cancerous tumors formed due to asbestos exposure. Like other forms of mesothelioma cancer, such as peritoneal and pleural mesothelioma, this is a terminal disease which currently has no cure. Here are a few frequently asked questions related to pericardial mesothelioma.

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